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Don't let your mom cut your hair. Make an appointment with me instead.
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Melenie...Before and after. Color and Haircut.
And After....S'up BRO?!
Jaxson was ready for a change and chopped off the surfer hair! Before pics
[07/16/15]   Does anyone know of a lawyer that specializes or at least works with eminent domain situations? I could really use a recommendation or referral as close to the Long Beach / Signal Hill area as possible. Thank you
Haven Hair Design's cover photo
timehop.com 4 years ago, I attended "My Chick Habit and Haven Hair Design's GRAND OPENING" 4 years ago already! Grand reopening/remodel unveiling/new business partner intro coming soon timehop.com via timehop.com, an app that helps you see the best moments of your past!
Haven Hair Design
First "observation" left by an anonymous client on the new client comment chalkboard ! Uhhhh...punchline please!
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Anyone interested in being a hair model for next weeks hair show in long beach?
All these years and they are still the worst salon assistants
Oh ma gawd. What was I thinking? Got "just a little" too ambitious during my remodel last night! My demolition skills are perfected. Time to put my plumbing and drywalling skills to test
And just like that...Halloween is over. 😩😪. Bring on Turkey Day!
Working so hard I lost a finger. Callin it quits for the day!
www.youbeauty.com The Brazilian Blowout, 5 Years Later: Is It Still Worth It? - Youbeauty.com Brazilian blowout...Si or No? www.youbeauty.com Meet someone who has been getting the frizz-fighting treatments for years. Are they still worth it?
Please pass this along if you know a hairstylist friend that may be interested! Thanks
Employers | Indeed.com Looking for a full time Hair Stylist for station rental. Please email [email protected] or call 562-708-4771 for info. Check out our ad on indeed.com. https://employers.indeed.com/candidates/refer?id=c1f851d3fe471dfc9c56 employers.indeed.com
Love when clients let me be creative!
[04/18/14]   Thinking about calling to make an appt? Do it now because I will be on vacation for two weeks after this Tuesday. Still have appts available and working this sun and mon.
youtu.be World's Greatest Head Massage 8 - Extended Version (The Nomad Barber) That Is quite a scalp massage! Should we start offering theses services at Haven? Check out the Interview with Baba the Cosmic Barber here http://youtu.be/Io0iIJMJIJM and the original version of this video here http://youtu.be/fEZjcro5j6Q ...
Have thinning hair? Here is a before and after I took using Sure Thik hair thickening fibers. I was surprised at how well it works!
[01/20/14]   http://youtu.be/pIXD0jVV-Lk
[12/20/13]   Lookin for a hair stylist for station rental. If interested or know of anyone that might be...please look at the ad on Craigslist
[12/05/13]   Buy a gift certificate for $125.00 and get a gift cert for $50.00 free! Perfect way to help someone feel better for the holidays or new year! Now thru the end of December! Stop in and purchase one or can be done over the phone and mailed to you!
[11/19/13]   Thanksgiving is approaching fast! I still have a couple appts open to make you look your best before you see all those judgy relatives! Call to make an appt ASAP before I'm booked up!
You're hair looks so good it's scaaaarrry!
Puppy lovin is on the "extra services" menu.
Before and after shots if my client that just cut off her hair to donate to locks of love. Took her three years of growing it out. Great charity to donate too!
This is too funny! This is what happens when you pick up those scissors at home and decide to but bangs. You've been warned.
[08/22/13]   Will be going out of town from thurs aug 29th till wed sept 4th so if you are thinking of coming in, call or text now before all available spots are gone!
[08/13/13]   If you've never tried us out, or if you haven't been in the last six months or more, here is a good way to give us a shot. Or if you have a friend or family member that could use a new "do", this would make a great gifthttp://www.groupon.com/deals/haven-hair-design
Wow, this is kind of a morbid way to get new clients.
This didn't post for some reason last night. Brain dead zombie day 1. He's growing into a monnnnster

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