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Enjoying Easter Sunday.
Feel heal your Health and Live your Vitality, beginning series of seasonal articles written by Vicchi Olesk, Director of Radiant Being Beauty and Health

Like many things in Life, we tend to the most exciting, joyful and inSpiring occasions. People, places and things draw/bring energy into our everyday daily and somewhat mundane lives. Activity engages us, routine keeps us practiced, while spontaneity maintains flexibility and awe experiences.
This time of the year, spring invites our sleepy self to awaken! The vibrant colours; yellows, pinks, purples, greens that paint our visual landscape, the essential smells that aromatize the Sonoma county aire, envelopes us in a masterful crafted container of what can be called, abunDance. It is very much like a cocktail of beautyLoveConsciousness… a high vibrational dose of good-feeling vibes!
During the early springtime, we are unconsciously and, for some, consciously reminded of our own renewal and rebirth. Upon the recycling of our old winter skin, we clean house, begin to clear the debris and plan for the coming cycle of seedlings/ideas to materialize.
To begin this process of tending (intention) to your life, we start by asking these 3-4 questions. (Here is the secret of divining your life map… Reserve your answer! Allow the question to unfold from your awareness of what evolves from the asking).
Try this as an experiment!
-What is springing forth in your world/life? What is dying back?
-How is the season of spring announcing itself to the newness in your life?
-What ‘needs’ require your attention so that room is created for what’s next in your Life?
-Where do you feel this change in your body?
Carry on into spring knowing that change is a Constant. Change changes, reorganizes us from within to our outer world. Just as in the flowering of a bud, the frost is a required stage to wholeness, vitality and beauty.
What’s growing in your garden?
Vicchi Oleski, a Sonoma county resident, entrepreneur, Director of a healing arts center (Radiant Being, Sebastopol) and a creative business collaborator for 32 years, has also developed a systematic, science-based spirit-inspired healing modality named embodiedSpiritwork Tm embodiedSpiritwork Tm is a unified combination, body centered therapy that utilizes the empowering energies of energy psychology, neuro-linguistic, bodywork, yoga and the intuitive healing art.
Vicchi welcomes inquiries and can be reached at [email protected]
Radiant Being Beauty & Health's cover photo
Join Radiant Jacqueline Hayward this Thursday for Playback theater! Healing Play Clinic, 3:30-5 pm and 7-9 pm Thursday. Tomorrow's special: bring a friend for free!
Thank you to all those who joined us for last Sundays grandParty!, we had such a fun time..., we look forward to staying connected...
us2.campaign-archive1.com Lydia's Express is NOW OPEN!!! We're lucky to have lydia's express right across the street from us! They have their soft opening...today! Come on over for some yummy vegan food and a healing session at our drop in clinic every Monday - Friday, 10 am - 2 pm! http://us2.campaign-archive1.com/?u=0951cfb0d2ed43fc5e7d97cf3&id=fdc5bde0ee&e=3f9cf53535 us2.campaign-archive1.com
[02/18/14]   Tonight, join us for Women's School with Sharon Maser! 7 - 8:30 pm. Join us for a women's circle on the theme of "confidence" $10, no one turned away.
Jacqueline Grace Hayward, Radiant Being Beauty and Healths Thursday evening program, Play Magic/Play Back theater practitioner and Sharon Maser from Women's School of the Healing Arts and Sciences share a moment at todays
elephantjournal.com 6 Secrets I’ve Learned to Fulfill My Love Life. ~ Meredith Rom See you tonight at Yoga One Santa Rosa 5 pm flow and 6:15 restorative. I have a special chocolate treat for restorative yoga and a new theme based on my latest article! elephantjournal.com Fulfillment is about knowing what I want, believing I am worth it, loving myself utterly and completely before someone else even enters the picture and having the courage to own my vision and live my dreams.
Our bodies, and minds, are our sacred Temples. Make today an expression of you Divine LoVe and Prayer.
Happy Valentines Day to You from Radiant Being Beauty and Health
Timeline Photos
Using NLP, change is created by replacing outdated neural networks (thought patterns) with new empowering networks (new thoughts, feelings, emotions, connections, associations, perceptions etc). These changes are swift, painless and instant.

Rather than being concerned with the content of your mind, the reasons why you might be feeling a certain way, NLP focuses on how you are using your mind in to create such a pattern in the first place.

NLP encourages the exploration of the individual’s internal model of the world, as it is at this level that the most effective changes are made. This is done through the practitioner’s introduction of simple and practical techniques which facilitate clarity and expand choices in the mind of the client.
[02/06/14]   Understanding Pain: What to do about it in less than five minutes?
New evidence based approaches to chronic pain management. For more detailed information visit the Hunter Integrated Pain Service website http://www.
[02/04/14]   As tremendous a gift it is to get love, giving love is an equal boon. Many
scientific studies demonstrate that whenever you bestow blessings on
other people, you bless yourself. Expressing practical compassion not only
strengthens your immune system and bolsters your health, but also
promotes self-esteem, enhances longevity, and stimulates tranquility and
even euphoria.
Join us this Thursday night at 7 pm for the world's most unique and heartful improv with Jacqueline Grace Hayward!

Playback Theatre drop-in workshop:

It's playful! It's profound! Learn or practice improvisation and intuitive skills using the experiences shared by group members. Open to women and men and suitable for beginning or advanced actors, therapists, teachers and anybody who is interested in creating art from personal experience. Shy people are most welcome: a nurturing space to explore is provided. Ongoing weekly drop-in until at least early March. For more information or to RSVP, please contact Jacqueline at 823-7687 or [email protected].

Thursdays, 7 - 9:00 pm
$15-20, sliding scale
at Radiant Being Studio,
6741 Sebastopol Avenue, Sebastopol
(the train engine at Coffee Catz points to the door!)
“To live content with small means; to seek elegance rather than luxury; and refinement rather than fashion; to be worthy, not respectable; and wealthy, not rich; to study hard, think quietly, talk gently, act frankly; to listen to stars and birds, to babes and sages, with open heart; to bear all cheerfully, do all bravely, await occasion, hurry never; in a word, to let the spiritual, unbidden and unconscious grow up through the common. This is to be my symphony.” – William Ellery Channing
Hands on self care health tip!

You have the whole world in your hands. Energy (chi) healing is simple and practical. Most energy healing methods
alleviate mental and physical stress with in seconds to a few minutes.
Take a peek inside one of our beautiful offices where we hold sessions for bodywork, energy work, transformational life coaching and health coaching!
The groundwork for all happiness is health! What new year intentions are you setting?
Happy aNew!, 2014 = here
Experience Vibrational Medicine
through plant essense, meditation/yoga, handsOn healing, herbalism, intentional focus,... Being in the company of nature and/or good feeling people that upLift.
2014 is here and so are the changes that we have been creating at Radiant Being Beauty am Health!, stop in and receive Revolutionary health care. For those not close to or local to Sebastopol, we also offer distance (by phone) healings-readings. Namaste
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We have been Reorganizing repurposing and Real-izing at Radiant Being Beauty and Health the past 3months!

Many changes are afoot for the holiday season and 2014!

tuneIn ~ Happy Thanksgiving.
... time out !
3 times during the day, STOP ! LOOK ! and, LOVE the simple strange beautiful otherness of what is happening around you. Tell someone your experience.
Ask your self when 'was' the last time you cleared your psychic space?, listen to the answer and then begin to plan a simple effective quick plan/ritual to clean your personal mental/emotional body. We routinely wash our physical bodies by bathing, our homes by vacuuming, our cars etc.

Take a moment now ~ ask yourself then get to it :)

You will be amazed there will be more room to think helpful thoughts and receive the gift of your authentic self!
[11/06/13]   FYI, for those who have been following and 'friends' of Laura Polak, her new page can be found at Radiant Health, A Holistic Community Health Center here in beautiful Sebastopol.
Please LIKE the page!, we appreciate being in community together. Thank You so much : )
As a single footstep will not make a path on the earth, so a single thought will not make a pathway in the mind. To make a deep physical path, we walk again and again. To make a deep mental path, we must think over and over the kinds of thoughts we wish to dominate our lives.
– Henry David Thoreau

Along with changing our thinking, we can also help the change to occur by adding body based practices such as the one shown below.

While thinking and feeling the new direction of choice, move your arms in a figure eight. Keep using this activity to encourage your brainBody to follow the instructions. 5 minutes 3 times a day for 28-40 days will support you and your intention.
Movement is the movement of change. In my experience, if you put your psyche in motion it will heal itself. Movement is the medicine. Each of us has the power and responsibility to heal ourselves, to be our own medicine man or woman. Awakening our innate powers of being, loving, knowing, seeing and healing involves ongoing work at all levels and in all dimensions of our self. – Gabrielle Roth
We had an awesome day in downtown Sebastopol today!, Radiant Being Beauty and Health joined the health faire and the Tibetan Monks at the plaza.
Here is a 30sec clip of them chanting for world/person Peace.

Mantric singing/toning, chanting has a deep healing effect for those practicing and listening.

Enjoy the goodVibes
Who will you be today?, how might you respond differently when the unexpected happens?

Changing our habitual reactions will create a different outcome then the usual familiar less desired appears.

Set a goal for yourself today..., ..., for the next 21 days choose to change an emotional reaction and experience a different reality.

Use your bodyBreath, breath into your feet, thru out your legs, lower back and up your spine. Opening the heart by breathing WILL create a change in you and or the rest of the World.

Today we are experiencing a Full Moon in Aries, sign of action, pioneering energy and leadership.

Set the tone of Change. You can do this...
Our mental and emotional diets determine our overall energy levels, health, and well-being to a far greater extent than most people realize. Every thought and feeling, no matter how big or small, impacts our inner energy reserves.
– Doc Childre and Howard Martin
The healing power of prayer!
Dr. Larry Dossey, who
wrote, Healing Words predicts that someday soon, prayer will become recognized as a potent force in medicine, and will become incorporated into the mainstream. He also expects that in the not-to-distant future, not recommending the use of prayer will actually constitute medical malpractice.
Vicchi Oleski, Director and Transformational Visionary Coach at Radiant Being Beauty and Health, downtown Sebastopol and Photographic Artist Nansee Greenwich

I met Nansee in 1988 or so and reconnected after seeing her art up at a local restaurant. Here is Nansee's artist statement..., I feel that Nansee and her beautiful work truly speaks of our mission here at Radiant Being, "higher level of beauty and harmony..."

Thank you Nansee : )
Please stop by and view Nansee's collection of art.

My artwork starts out as a photograph and is enhanced digitally using mirror-imaging and other techniques. Then it is printed on paper or canvas and hand-decorated.

The original inspiration for this technique came to me one day as I was taking pictures down from a wall next to a mirror. I noticed that their reverse image created astonishing symmetry, depth and complexity. This totally captured my imagination and sparked the creation of artworks that symbolize a perfected existence and a higher level of beauty and harmony that our souls desire. In some pieces I include a Buddha figure to honor the connection of the outer landscape with one’s inner landscape, which we access by contemplation or meditation.

This quote from the mission statement of the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore feels true to my process: “Visionary art…refers to art produced by self-taught individuals, usually without formal training, whose works arise from an innate personal vision that revels foremost in the creative act itself…The most common theme of visionary artists worldwide is the backyard re-creation of the Garden of Eden and other Utopian visions…quite literally building heaven on earth.”

May we all Find our Path, Create Beauty, and Embody Spirit to our highest potential.

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