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Oh girl @lexi_crow this is you! I'm loving it! @pravana #ittakesapro #sebastopolstylist #sebastopolhairstylist #mermaidhair #chromasilk #newhaircolor
Wow I don't even know what to say about this. I've been doing this wonderful human's hair for several years now I want to say close to 10?! She's very low maintenance and we pretty much do the same thing every time although every once in a while she gets an itch for a few highlights. The last couple of times we've done her hair She has mentioned wanting a little something extra. Last night she sent me a text asking for a completely new color. I was so excited to do this because well for one she wants my favorite colors in her hair and for two I knew she was really ready for it, And number three not that we need another reason but I knew I would totally nail this. @pravana has the best reds and coppers I highlighted her using the airtouch technique on the crown area only. I used pure light power lightener and 20 volume. Shampooed, conditioned dried and applied her root formula of 25 g 6.37 + 5 g 4n + 10 volume. Inch off roots to mid shaft I blended equal parts 7.62 +7.64 with 20 volume then blended mids to ends with 7.40 and 20 volume. Needless to say we love it! #mermaidhair #bigchange #chromasilk #copperhair #redhair #btc #sebastopolhairstylist #sebastopolstylist
๐Ÿ˜ this beautiful soul ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป
She's shining inside and out.
You know I love a good red.
This is one of my favorite color combinations.
Swipe for before.
@pravana is the color 5.62 & 7.62
Oh yes! Bring on the heat! 2 years ago this Mama came to me wanting a big change. We did this color combo on her way back then and have refreshed the color a couple of times since. Like a lot of families in Sonoma county her family had to make a tough choice to relocate to another area. Luckily yesterday we got the chance to meet up for a much needed hair makeover! This appointment I went through and lightened from about an inch of her scalp to the ends, to give a nice light clean canvas. Next I was able to apply the same color formula used 2 years ago (I keep records of everything I do on each client so I know I am going to get the results I want!). Viola! Bright rich color ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿปโค๏ธ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’› this appointment was 3.5 hours lightened, colored, cut and am eyebrow wax.
#pravanachromasilk @pravana
#sebastopolstylist #sebastopolhairstylist #redhair #copperhair
Refresh! I love blending the base on high contrast blondes. When you use lightener the hair goes through phases as it lightens. The layers of color the lightener needs to cut through are always warm, it's natural. Once I wash out the lightener I almost always do a shadow root to blend the fresh bright roots with the natural deeper color of your hair, then I put a toner on the rest to make it the cleanest, shiniest, most cohesive head of beautiful hair. This process also eases the visual of regrowth. If you feel like your hair is looking grown out too quickly let's set up an appt for you?! Let's try something new to you.
#pravanachromasilk #ittakesapro #expresstoners @pravana #sebastopolstylist #sebastopolhairstylist
No more yellow! Don't get me wrong guys I love a good golden blonde. There's just something about this icy blonde that gets me every time!
Book your appointment now for December!
This Mama came in to see me for the first time today. She hasn't had any hair love in a year and a half. She wanted to blend her gray without covering completely (to avoid the monthly maintenance), along with darkening her rich brown all the way to the ends. Her ends were lightened pretty heavily by the sun. When this happens the hair tends to get brassy. We did a full Lowlight and toned followed with a cut of about 2.5".
#Grayblending #deeprichcolor #shinyhair #sebastopolstylist #sebastopolhairstylist @pravana #behindthechair #ittakesapro
Swipe through to see before and inspiration pictures. Such a gorgeous girl with a perfect result! #pinkhair #sebastopolstylist #sebastopolhairstylist #pravana #vividseverlasting #chromasilk #sonomacountyhairstylist
Follow me to see more. This gorgeous color has many more photos to show off. @pravana #everlasting #pravanachromasilk #enchantedpink #nofilter #tobecontinued #sebastopolstylist #sebastopolhairstylist #ittakesapro #behindthechair
Beautiful rich vibrant red for this sweet girl โค๏ธ
#redhair #pravanachromasilk #sebastopolstylist #sebastopolhairstylist
My โค๏ธ
Mother daughter makeover day! It's the best ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป making a big change with your hair can be scary but if you've got your best friend by your side that's all you really need. ๐Ÿ’™โค๏ธ
@pravana #sebastopolstylist #sebastopolhairstylist #newhair #funcolor #splithair #splitdye #redhair #tealhair Angie Stedman
The smokey lighting today made for some difficult pictures! The color in real life versus these pictures just don't compare. Swipe through to see before pictures and the inspiration picture for the cut. We went full rockstar today!
@pravana #smokeypurple #rockstarhair #sebastopolhairstylist #sebastopolstylist
Refresh. Reset. Blonde again!
First appointment with me ๐Ÿคฏ๐Ÿฆ„๐ŸงŠ
4.5 hours, we love our results.
What do you think?
#sebastopolhairstylist #sonomacountyhairstylist
#pravana @pravana
Just making hair dreams come true over here.โค๏ธ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’œ ๐Ÿฆ„
This color was done using permanent cream color, no color bleeding in your shower, on your towels, in your pillow case. @pravana #pravana #pravanachromasilk #vividseverlasting #silkdegrees #sebastopolhairstylist
This lovely lady has a natural strawberry kiss at her roots but her hair quickly lightens into blonde on its own. She wanted me to add in a touch of golden copper while refreshing those subtle highlights. We liked this one a lot! Next time we're adding more copper.
#strawberryblonde #pravana #pravanachromasilk #sebastopolhairstylist @ Sonoma County, California
Icy blonde! This was round two on these naturally brunette locks. The final picture in this if you swipe through shows her original appointment in which we made a lot of progress! This time we had some roots to touch up and those surprise pink lowlights from our first round to cut through. Success! Two and a half hour appointment this time around.
#pravana #blonde #icyblondehair #expresstoners #sebastopolhairstylist @ Sebastopol, California
Looking like taffy! Look at those colors! That depth. The pop.
#pravana #purelightultralightener #pravanachromasilk #sebastopolhairstylist #selfcare #newhair
Curls for days!
Life gets going and your hair keeps growing ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿผโ€โ™€๏ธ
This sweet lady came in looking for a more stylish look for her curls. Bangs can be hard with curly hair. It's important to cut them looooong and learn how to work WITH them.
#sebastopolhairstylist #curlyhair #curlygirl #curlybangs @ Sebastopol, California
Hey girl, hey!
This beautiful lady hasn't done anything "fun" for color with her hair until today!
The colors look so good on her skin tone and absolutely shines in the sunlight!
#pravana #pravanachromasilk #redhair #dimensionalbrunette #dimensionalcolor #sebastopolhairstylist @ Sebastopol, California
Brought back to life! One of the problems with doing your own touch up is it's hard to see what needs to be done all the way around so over time you can overlap your color. Color on top of color builds a darker color. Color cannot lighten artificial color. Years of repeating this you can easily go from brown to black.
This appointment was actually pretty straight forward for us and no real surprises! We did a full air touch highlight while we touched up the roots with a slightly lighter than the mid shaft, more rich chocolate brown color. The color was done after we cut off about 6 inches.
We didn't even have to tone these highlights?! They landed at the right tone and depth, that almost never happens!
#pravana #silkdegrees #nomoreboxdyes @ Sebastopol, California
We got to play!
#vikinghair #braided #pravanavivids #pinkhair #hairfeathers #funhair #covidhair #vacayvibes #roadtrippin @ Hardcore Espresso
Did you see the sunset? I got it right here ๐Ÿ˜ my beautiful daughter really wanted to wear the sunset in her hair ๐Ÿคฉ
@pravana @pravana_vivid_love
#curlstodiefor #curlyhair #pravanavivids #sunsethair #sebastopolhairstylist #sebastopol #sonomacountyhairstylist @ Hardcore Espresso
So my daughter had an itch for some color... ๐Ÿ˜ After pics to come!
This sweet girl came to me by a personal referral from a friend who comes to me, after she was quoted $800 to go blonde from another stylist. First of all let me start, I charge $75 per hour. This was not a typical transformation. She had no color on her hair. All natural besides a few pieces we found in the front that had slipped her mind she got bored a few months ago and put some streaky lights of some pink in the front of her hair which never really showed until we lightened. This process took 5 hours from start to finish and I was able to preserve the integrity of her hair with my favorite lightener, pure light ultra lightener from Pravana. I toned with the Pravana Express toners and did a very light trim. She was ecstatic to walk out with such a big step in the direction we are headed She really wants that white platinum blonde. We will definitely get it next time! This is huge considering how many sessions some people have to go through to get to where we are now. Do you have a big change you'd like to do with your hair? Let's talk!
@pravana #pravana #purelightultralightener #expresstoners #sebastopolhairstylist #sebastopol #sonomacountyhairstylist @ Sebastopol, California
How about some colors to brighten up this Wednesday?! This was a fun one to do! #violet #purpletourmaline #neonpink #vivids #pravana #pravanavivids #sebastopolhairstylist @ Hardcore Espresso
Since we're back to no salons, let's talk color correction. It's easy to get bored with our hair or impatient, hey it happens! You need to know the consequences tough. Depending on what you use you may be stuck with your new color for quite a while. This #splathairdye was over a month old and was STILL washing out pink Everytime her hair got wet. Many towels and pillow cases ruined in the previous weeks. This client is wanting to get away from the red and head towards blonde highlights.
After two color removal processes and a full head of highlights her hair looked similar to a tropical pack of Skittles. Then I toned with a double ash green pigment and we were done for the day. Sounds pretty simple right? Not.
This appointment was 6 hours and we aren't even close to being done with the red removal. We were happy with the progress we made and pre-booked our next appointment already.
Please PLEASE please weigh your options! Can you wait a little bit longer for your appointment? Call your stylist and let them know what you are wanting to do.
Color corrections aren't cheap either. Stylists charge different amounts but don't be surprised if you hear $75-150 PER HOUR. It's a lot of work physically, it's stresses is out mentally, and it takes a lot of experience to be able to fix your hair without wrecking it.
#malibu #pravana #pravanachromasilk #purelightultralightener #sebastopolhairstylist @ Sebastopol, California
Wow guys! Swipe to see after.
Going grey? Tired of coloring?
Let's rip the band aid off!
This was a 3.5 hour service.
When we can get back to work anyway ๐Ÿ˜˜
#goinggrey #pravana #chromasilk #expresstoners #sebastopolhairstylist #lowmaintenancehair @ Sebastopol, California
Work work work!
Today was a looooong one!
In order to get blue you have to lighten. Like really really light. Then you need to tone out the gold, since yellow and blue make green. We originally were going to do a bright neon blue, unfortunately once we dried her hair there was a band of aquamarine through part of her hair. We decided to put this blue over it. I sent this client home with a great color protecting shampoo and I made her, her own color depositing conditioner so she can refresh her color at home as needed.
#pravana #expresstoners #vivids #bluehair #sebastopolhairstylist #sebastopol @ Sebastopol, California
Blend blend blend!
These before and after are so fun to see!
Lots of highlighting here using my favorite technique #airtouch this is my favorite because the highlights look so natural, it does take a decent amount of time too complete but the results are worth the wait!
#pravana #ultralightener #expresstoners #sebastopolhairstylist #saloncentric #sebastopol #refresh @ Sebastopol, California
Oh yes. Swipe to see process, before and goal photo. Goal photo, originally she didn't want the teal color at all I really felt it was key to make the rest pop with how dark her beginning color was and how dark the purple and dark blue come out at first. So glad we added in the aquamarine! She loved it!
Again I was focused on the integrity of her hair using #pravana #purelightultralightener followed up with toning with the #expresstoners and of course the #vivids
#sebastopolhairstylist #sebastopol #tiedye #calikind #hippiehair #hairgoals @ Sonoma County, California
Really missing my mornings with brides on their wedding day.
Patiently waiting for these magical mornings.
Cheers Babe photography
Vine Hill House at O'Connell Vineyards Venue
โค๏ธ Box dye doesn't usually turn out the way you want. Did you do a quarantine hair cut or color? Do you have hair goals that you haven't been able to achieve?
I want to help you hit your goals! ๐Ÿ™Œ
#hairgoals #longhair #redhair
#pravanachromasilk #pravana #sebastopolhairstylist #sebastopol @ Sebastopol, California
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