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[08/29/20]   ONE chair, ONE client at a time. Luckily, I work alone, so social distancing isn’t an issue.

Only caveat is that I can only book one service at a time to limit exposure time to each other. Not so bad😊!
[08/29/20]   Dear Capilli Clients/Friends:

FINALLY able to do hair INSIDE the salon, starting next week! Yipee😁!!!

You’ll still need to shampoo before you come, and all of the previous protocols will be implemented as well (temperature taken, questionnaire, masks required, no hugs😐)....but, some semblance of “normal”... or at least the “new normal”.

Thank you for your patience, your support and your loyalty 🙏🏻❤️.
[07/25/20]   Now doing “Aircuts” @Capilli!
Haircuts outside!
[07/13/20]   Governor Newsom just ordered salons to be closed again because of climbing numbers. Sorry. I know I’m doing my part to follow the rules. Guess too many people out there just aren’t ☹️.
[07/08/20]   P.S. I will have you fill out a Client Health Questionnaire after taking your temperature. You will then need to sanitize your hands before entering the salon.

Thank You!
[07/08/20]   Hello Capilli Clients/Friends!

Just a reminder that I will only be doing ONE service per appointment. This is to limit the appointment time, as has been advised by industry leaders (especially since we aren’t able to maintain social distancing of 6’).

I am serious about protecting all of you, as well as myself.

If you have a haircut scheduled, please shampoo prior to coming in. Unfortunately, I will not be doing a shampoo and blow dry. Sorry.

If you have a color appointment, I will obviously need to shampoo, and a rough blow dry to check the results.

My prices remain the same. Some stylist have raised their prices due to the ingoing costs of PP products and equipment, taking fewer clients daily, and not having income for three months. Many have not received unemployment benefits or SBA loans.

I really appreciate your loyalty and understanding during these trying times.

We’re all doing the best that we can, right?

Mary Ellen
[06/26/20]   Opening on 6/29!!!
[06/20/20]   YEY....Finally allowed to reopen on 6/29...Yippee!

Some questions to ask yourself before coming to the salon...
[05/29/20]   Just heard that Marin County salons and barber shops won’t be opening until July🧐🤔😣. Sorry you guys! If you’re desperate, we can do a Zoom tutorial/haircut.
Cleaning and disinfecting the salon today...
[05/25/20]   Marin County is still reviewing and recommending protocols for re-opening “ personal service” industries. I am on a list to be notified, and will let you all know when this happens...hopefully, soon! ❤️
[05/23/20]   Hello Everyone! I hope you’re doing well under the circumstances.

When I’m able to open...

I’ll be asking what hair products you need to purchase when I confirm your appointment. This way I can disinfected them and have them ready for you!
"jus'sayin" #jussayin
[05/13/20]   Hello My Lovely Capilli Clients/Friends😘...I miss seeing you!

My plan is to open in June...We’ll see.

In the meantime, I want you to know what to expect when we see each other, under the current recommended practices.

(1) I will be scheduling one service at a time to reduce contact time ( I.e., haircut OR color).

(2) I will take your temperature with a touchless thermometer before you enter the salon.

(3) You will be required to wear a mask and use sanitizer upon entering the salon; you may bring your own mask or one will be provided for you; gloves will also be available.

(4) I will be wearing a disposable mask, disposable gloves and disposable apron for each client; likewise, you will be given a disposable cape to wear. You will be required to put it in the covered receptacle upon leaving the salon.

(5) You will need to shampoo your hair before coming for a haircut. We will shampoo after color, and if you prefer, you will be provided a towel to cover your face during the shampoo (close contact).

(6) I will provide a “ touch less” soap dispenser in the restroom, as well as hand sanitizer in the restroom and in the salon.

(7) Magazines will not be available (sorry).

(8) Disposable paper cups will be used for water, tea or coffee.

(9) Please be patient. I will do my best to be on time for you. There will be more hair, more gray coverage, and disinfecting and sanitizing before/after each client will also take time.

(10) Please come by yourself as guests will not be allowed to wait inside the salon.

(11) You will have to wait until the previous client leaves before entering the salon; only one person can occupy the salon at a time.

(12) Please do not handle retail products...just tell me what you need.

(13) Credit/debit cards only, as checks and cash are difficult to disinfect.

(14) I won’t be able to hug you hoo ☹️, but I’ll be really happy to see you ( and your hair)!

My hours will be extended to accommodate everyone:


I think that’s everything!
Please feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns or information about your hair needs.

Mary Ellen 😘 Hair Salons/One Client At A Time (Soft Opening April 27th) Hi Everyone! I hope you’re doing ok. Could you take a moment to sign this petition. It would mean a lot to me...and You, if it goes through! Thank You 🙏🏻. The survival of the independent beauty professionals is at risk. We are facing a grave financial hardship.
[04/05/20]   Hello Capilli Clients!
I’ve been closed since 3/13, and am currently taking appointments and rescheduling as needed. It’s a good time to let your hair grow and see how it looks! Or spend time “ playing “ with products and styling. If you cut your own hair, I’ll fix it when I see you🙃!
[03/18/20]   Hello Capilli Clients,

As you know, I am rescheduling all of my appointments until after 4/7, and Capilli will remain closed until 4/8.
If you haven’t yet responded, please get your next appointment on my book.
Stay healthy, stay strong, and try to have a Happy Hair day! ❤️🦋🌈
[03/11/20]   Hello Capilli Clients!

Most of you know already know that I’m “a clean freak”!
I checked the CDC site and the OSHA site for workplace protocol regarding the Corona virus.

I am sanitizing everything before and after each client with a hospital- grade disinfectant.

I’ve also been sanitizing the doors, doorknobs and handles, pens, desktop, chairs, tables...anything and everything clients come into contact with.

I have EO hand sanitizer at the front desk and I am washing my hands before and after each client, or any time I touch my face.

Also, working with one client at a time, instead of a room full of people, makes it a safer.

So....doing it right here at Capilli!

See you soon!

Modern Salon Just taking a moment to appreciate our clients 😊

Capilli Eco Hair Boutique
[07/11/18]   Hey Everyone (Local)....My friend Annya @Luna Salon, just down the street from Capilli, is looking for a part-time stylist and/or an assistant. If you, or a friend, or a friend-of-a-friend, know anyone who might be interested, please contact her @(415) 332-2580. She's really nice and her salon is nice too!
[07/05/18]   $$ For older/younger women models(not professional) NEEDED for photoshoot
Hey Neighbors-

We are looking for real people to be models in some shoots we have coming up the 17, 18 and 19

We are interested in these type women:

1. Any senior/older models that are 75 and older
2. Model with longer red/dark brown red hair - maybe 25 to 60 years old
3. Model with light red hair - 25-60 years old
4. Model with grey curly hair - prefer longer
5. Any woman with white hair of any kind
6. Any woman that might have black hair with a white streak
7. Any woman with curly white or blonde hair
8. Any woman with curly/long hair of any kind

Please send photos ASAP to

415 999 6331
[email protected] The Reality of Going From Dark to Blonde - Hair Color - Modern Salon Master stylist Marshall Hatley at Tangerine Salon talks about the process of starting with very dark hair and going lighter.
[10/27/17]   Calling all curly hair, textured hair, gray hair, dry hair, frizzy hair, color-treated hair.. . . . EVOLVEh has developed a new line of hydrating products that I am crazy about! I only get excited about things that do what they claim....this one DOES! SmartCurl Hydrating Wash, SmartCurl Hydrating Conditioner, and WonderBalm....A-MA-ZING...LOVE< LOVE
Capilli Eco Hair Boutique
[06/07/17]   Come get pampered and beautified in a calm, clean, eco-friendly environment!
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